5 Ayurvedic Herbs to Treat Condition of Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins ayurvedic treatment in hadapsar

Experiencing muscle discomfort is not normal and may indicate a more severe health issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Varicose veins are characterized by aching muscles, most notably in the legs.

Marks of blue or purple color on the skin indicate the presence of this illness. Leg and foot swelling causes these discolorations in the skin. There is a wide range of risk factors for developing varicose veins, including lengthy periods of standing or sitting, and a lack of physical activity. It is more prevalent in later life, therefore adults and the elderly are the most likely to have symptoms.

The Ayurvedic name for this issue is ‘Siraja Granthi,’ which refers to a cyst-like inflammation of the veins. Blood clots and other painful complications may be avoided by effectively treating this illness.

Five Ayurvedic Herbs to Treat Condition of Varicose Veins

Let’s have a look at these strategies and how they might be used.


Varicose veins may benefit from consuming sariva roots. Plant substances coat these roots, giving them the ability to improve skin tone and alleviate venous discomfort. The extracted roots are used medicinally or topically on the afflicted area to alleviate the venous problem. The blood-purifying properties found in sariva roots help in the elimination of pollutants and maintain healthy blood flow throughout the body.


Veins may be treated with this herbal remedy, and the resulting black patches can be eliminated as well. The oil is applied by massaging it into the skin over the afflicted veins. For best results, use a circular motion to massage the product into the skin for a few minutes before letting it soak in.


This herb is great for restoring blood flow and calming pitta dosh (blood impurities). This ayurvedic remedy for varicose veins has been used successfully for a long time, and it has several benefits. Veins and blood vessels that have been damaged are also cured without any adverse effects. The skin affected by varicose veins is left smooth and spotless after treatment.


The veins and afflicted area will feel more at peace after using this herb. Blood clots in the legs may also be removed by drinking a decoction made from the bark. The paste is applied on the skin and is prepared from the tree’s bark. It helps with varicose veins and reduces skin discoloration. Bark extract and leaves may be combined to form a paste that can be applied to the skin.

“Gotu Kola”:-

Consuming a Gotu Kola leaf juice herbal combination has been shown to greatly increase collagen and elastic synthesis. This is because Gotu kola has a high concentration of the antioxidant triterpenoid, which works to repair damaged blood vessels and improve the veins’ interior structure.


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