7 most famous Ayurvedic Treatments to treat Infertility

Best ayurvedic infertility treatment in pune

Infertility is the reason why most people turn to different kinds of treatments. They spend their whole lives finding solutions so as to satisfy their desires and become a parent. But, most of the time, we see that modern methods like IUI and IVF do not provide effective results.

Ayurveda can help in the treatment of infertility. This is because it always offers natural and unique treatments. This helps the person to boost their fertility and get rid of their infertility.

7 most famous Ayurvedic treatments to treat infertility:-

  • Banyan Tree Bark

Banyan tree comes with several types of health benefits. Among these benefits, it can also help in the treatment of infertility. So, if you have difficulty conceiving, you can mix dried banyan tree bark along with sugar in the form of powder. This can boost growth hormone production as well as fertility.

  • Vamana

Another process in Ayurveda that can treat infertility is Vamana. With this treatment, you can bring the indigested food out from within your body through vomiting. It can even help in the process of detoxification in your body.

  • Sweden

Ayurvedic doctors use this treatment to produce heavy sweating among patients who are dealing with infertility. It is a treatment that flushes out the toxins present in your body. This way, it enhances your fertility and makes you more healthy.

  • Phala Gram

For this treatment, you have to mix milk, liquefied butter, and medicated ghee. You can have this drink in the morning to treat infertility.

  • Kapikacchu and Ashwagandha Churna

Men can use this Ayurvedic treatment to boost their sperm count and enhance its quality. They can take it with milk every day.

  • Shatavari

Women can get Shatavari for treating their infertility. It is available in the form of a tonic that one can drink.

  • Gokshura, triphala churna, and Guduchi

These are some Ayurvedic medicines that clear blockages from the body. It is the best treatment for women to manage their infertility.


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