An effective Ayurvedic diet to Boost Fertility

Fertility ayurvedic treatment in Pune

As per Ayurveda, infertility occurs when a woman reaches their reproductive age but is not able to complete the entire term of pregnancy. It can also happen when both the man and woman fail to conceive even after trying for a year. Nowadays, this problem has become widespread. But, following an Ayurvedic diet will help you to solve this problem and boost both your and your partner’s fertility.

Ayurvedic diet recommendations to boost your fertility:-

A diet of Ayurveda can help treat infertility by promoting the development of healthy reproductive tissues. It requires strict adherence to foods that nurture your body. Ojas is a product of the Shukra Dhatu. If you want to encourage the process of your fertilization, you need to avoid foods that diminish your Ojas. This will help to regulate your ovulation.

You can even pacify your doshas to have a balance for all kinds of physical activities. For the Vata, you can consume warm, moist, and well-cooked food. You may choose among foods that come with a smooth texture. Do not eat raw vegetables and fruits that have a rough texture. Pitta diet comprises of nourishing and cool food, while for your Kapha, light and warm diet are significant.

Figs, almonds, walnuts, dates, whole grains, vegetables, juicy and fresh fruits will help in your conception. You can also have a diet rich in items such as pumpkin seeds, white and black sesame seeds, ghee, buttermilk, milk, and saffron seeds. It enables you to form your Shukra Dhatu while also improving your health.

You can have spices such as turmeric and cumin. Root vegetables, neem, curry leaves, coriander, garlic, and onions are highly beneficial. Organic jaggery that is rich in minerals and iron needs to be included.


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