Have a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy with Ayurvedic Prenatal Care

safe & healthy pregancy with Ayurvedic Prenatal Care in hadapsar

Ayurvedic prenatal care is safe, effective, natural, and non-invasive. By following these principles, you can get a normal delivery, a pregnancy that is uncomplicated, and maintain your overall wellbeing. These principles mostly focus on activities, behavior, diet, therapies, and herbs.

Prenatal Care by Ayurveda:-

  • Indulge your cravings

When you are eating, you have to remember that you are both feeding yourself and your baby. You can indulge all your cravings but do so in moderation, especially after gestation for four months when you get cravings. During this time, eat what you want but also have proteins and vegetables.

  • Get a massage

You can have a daily massage with some ayurvedic herbal massage oil that will make you feel a lot calmer during your pregnancy.

  • Balancing Vata

You need to pay more attention to your Vata dosha at the time of your pregnancy. This affects your nervous system. You can have warm foods and those with coconut and ghee. The three tastes that determine your Vata are salty, sour, and sweet.

During your pregnancy, you must emphasize the sweet taste because it will be good for the baby. Drink non-homogenized and warm cow milk. This will boost the immunity of the baby.

  • Ayurvedic therapy

Abhyanga or Ayurvedic therapeutic massage along with a lukewarm bath can be good for both the baby and the mother. Therapies such as foot, belly, and head massage can relax your nervous system. Other external and internal therapies require the specialist’s proper guidelines.

  • Avoid stress

You must avoid having stress during pregnancy. This includes staying away from films that are violent. Even major changes like moving to a new house can throw off your Vata. Hence, avoid them.


If you need more Ayurvedic tips for your prenatal care, contact Dr. Dattatray Nalage of Aatrey Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic, Hadapsar.