How To Heal Constipation With Ayurveda?

Constipation Ayurveda treatment in hadapsar

Constipation has always been a problem in every Indian household. However, this is one of the most common problems which needs the most care these days. This is because people’s hectic and inactive lifestyle has led to constipation in their daily lives.

What leads to constipation in our body?

According to Ayurveda, when the vata’s cold and dry qualities create disturbance in the colon, the proper functioning of the bowel movement is not possible. When the improper bowel movement continues for many days, a chronic constipation situation occurs.

This modern lifestyle has also added to the problem. The common reasons for unhealthy bowel movements could be the consumption of junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking, and overeating.

With all this unhealthy consumption and no physical activity, constipation in the body worsens. People affected by this problem feel bloated, uncomfortable while pooping, and sometimes have stomach aches.

People take laxatives and drugs to prevent this disease, but they forget that you can have side effects and disturbance in metabolism by taking them.

Can Ayurveda heal the problem of constipation?

You can always hop on to Ayurveda treatment for better results. They have no side effects and can clear your bowel with a much easier procedure. With no side effects and positive results, Ayurveda treatment in Hadapsar can benefits people suffering from constipation.

You can try some of the things which can be helpful in relieving this disease:

Drink lots of warm water or hot water and herbal tea. Consuming hot liquids can release toxins from your body. Drink either of them every day at least twenty minutes or one hour before.

Eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables. They are hydrating, fibrous, and generally pacifying to Vata. Some better options to include in your diet are ripe bananas, peeled apples, soaked raisins, prunes, and peaches. Be sure to consume them one hour before your meals.

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