How to Lose Weight by Ayurvedic Method?

How to lose weight by Ayurvedic method?

Suffering from obesity has been quite common in recent days among individuals worldwide. Obesity causes serious health issues for people of all ages. Hence, experts suggest that all take necessary care of their health and lose weight.

Ayurveda plays a vital role in weight loss, and many experts suggest that Ayurvedic treatment can be one of the most effective treatments to lose weight. In addition, there are several ways to heal a person from obesity with the help of Ayurvedic treatment.

Let’s check the Ayurvedic methods that one needs to follow to stay healthy and fit.

  • Take three proper meals daily:-

Many think that controlling diet means fasting or eating less. But, expert dieticians never suggest that. As per Ayurvedic treatment, transformation and digestion have a noticeable link. Hence, as per Ayurvedic treatments, it is suggested to take a meal at the proper time and eat healthy to lead a healthy life.

  • Light dinner:-

Dinner should always be light, and people are advised to take their dinner before 7 pm. Taking dinner early will help in improving the ingestion system in your body.

  • Take meal according to Dosha:-

Ayurvedic treatments depend on Doshas, including Pitta Dosha, VataDosha, and Kapha dosha. Ayurvedic doctors at first determine the Dosha that you are suffering from. Accordingly, doctors will suggest taking the diet to keep you healthy and fit.

  1. A Vata dominant people should have 3 to 4 small meals daily. They need to avoid nightshade vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants.
  2. A Pitta Dominant people need to eat loads of raw vegetables, salads, etc. They should avoid spicy foods and coffee and tea. They should avoid nuts and seeds.
  3. A Kapha dominant person needs to limit protein intake and should consume loads of leafy greens.


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