Infertility: Male Causes, Female Causes, Diagnosis

Fertility has been a primary concern for women for the longest time. It has since increased as a condition over the years due to the inactive lifestyle led by youngsters. It is a common myth that only women face infertility problems, but science proves that men can be diagnosed with infertility. Though it is a medical condition, infertility can lead to the degradation of physical and psychological well-being. Know about What is Infertility and its Ayurvedic Treatment.

 What is Infertility?

Infertility is a condition of the reproductive system which does not allow a couple to conceive a baby even after being actively involved in unprotected sexual intercourse.

 Male Causes of Infertility:

Several factors can be causes of infertility in men-:

  • Too much alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  • Unhealthy or less amount of sperm production.
  • The structure of the sperm
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Erectile damage

 Diagnosis for Male Infertility:

There are a few medical methods in which one can diagnose infertility in men. The most common of them is through a physical check-up and studying the medical history or by the semen analysis.

 Female Causes of Infertility:

Women have more chance of showing symptoms of infertility. These are-:

  • Excessive weight gain is one of the main causes.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease
  • Hormonal changes
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Blockage in the fallopian tube and other dysfunctions in the biological sex organs.

 Diagnosis for Female Infertility:

Doctors conduct two very common tests on women to check if they are fertile or not. These are Hysterosalpingography which is an X-ray of your uterus to detect any abnormalities, and Ovulation Testing is done through a blood test.

 Natural Treatments for Infertility:

Taking the help of medication is the quickest way to overcome or reduce infertility. Several natural methods might take more time than medication but do not have any harmful side effects-:

  • The insertion of tiny needles which reach certain pressure points and stimulate blood flow is very effective. This process is called acupuncture.
  • The benefits of yoga are practiced and understood worldwide. It is no surprise that yoga is one of the most effective methods to overcome infertility.
  • Having a proper diet is very important to remain healthy. Doctors encourage a wise selection of food products that can maintain or enhance fertility. These naturally chalk out having fatty and oily food items and promote green vegetables and fruits.
  • Increasing physical activity should be the first step. It is essential to have healthy oxygen in the blood flow.
  • Reducing or completing avoiding the consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

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