Kati Basti for Lower Back Pain

ayurvedic lower back pain treatment in Hadapsar

Kati’ means lower back in Sanskrit, while ‘Basti’ means to maintain in the same language. A sedentary lifestyle and hours spent in front of digital gadgets cause the back to lose strength due to stress, bad posture, physical injuries, and a lack of proper nutrition in the contemporary world. The therapeutic, pain-relieving, and strengthening advantages of applying herbal oil to the back are undeniable.

What Kati Basti Has to Offer:-

Pain, irritation, and stiffness may all be alleviated with Kati Basti, effective therapy for the lower back that uses a substantial amount of herbal oils applied directly to the skin.

Warm herbal oil penetrates deep into the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, relieving back pain and stiffness and curing any underlying ailments. As a result of the therapy, your whole body is calmed.

  • Help alleviate lower back and limb pain:-

The herbal oil relieves lower back pain by penetrating deep into the muscles.

  • Lower Back and Limb Stiffness Relieved:-

Additionally, the treatment aids in restoring the spine’s proper alignment.

  • Enhances lower back muscle strength:-

The medicinal oil contains therapeutic herbs to strengthen the back from the inside out.

  • Calms Anxiety:-

The oil’s therapeutic effects and the subsequent massage may be felt throughout the body.

  • Increases the Supply of Blood:-

Toxins and sluggish blood are removed from the lower back region to improve circulation.

  • Movements are improved:-

The musculoskeletal treatment helps the muscle tissue’s cellular memory be strengthened to improve mobility.

The herbal oil used in Kati Basti has a significant impact on the treatment outcomes. Deeper penetration of the oil into muscle, tendon, and ligament tissues is possible by the oil’s warmth and pressure.

Ayurvedic therapy relies heavily on the external use of heated herbalist oil. As a result, the herbs’ therapeutic powers can enter more deeply into the tissues. Impurities may be removed from the body when herbs are utilized this way.

If you face frequent lower back problems, get in touch with the Aatreya Ayurveda clinic to avail the best Kati Basti treatment.

Dr. Dattatraya B. Nalage is the pioneer and main consultant at AATREYA AYURVED AND PANCHAKARMA CLINIC, HADAPSAR, PUNE.

Dr.Dattatraya Nalage is an Ayurvedic consultant by profession. He did his graduation with a “Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicines And Surgery (B.A.M.S.) From renewed institute in Pune i.e. Tilak AYURVED MAHAVIDYALAYA.

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