National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month- September

Childhood Obesity Month

Obesity not only affects adults but also children. As they grow older, they may face different health problems. These include type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and asthma. Moreover, they can turn into obese adults.

September is the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. It depicts all the ordeals that obese children face and makes parents aware of all its bad sides. For instance, these children may have low self-esteem and become victims of behavioural problems and depression.

Parents can follow the tips given below to prevent obesity in children :

  • Promoting physical activity :

Children must participate in normal to moderate levels of activities every week. As parents, you have to take the initiative to make your child active. You can become a role model for your child by working out every day. This way, everyone including your child will remain healthy.

  • Limiting high sugar and high-fat foods :

A child prefers high sugar and high-fat foods but they have high calories and low nutrition. If you want to lower the sugar intake of your child, you can choose stevia which will be a better alternative. For oily high-fat foods, you can switch to olive oil that is much healthier.

  • Reducing Screen time :

Sedentary lifestyles can contribute to obesity in children. This happens mainly when children spend more than seven hours each day in front of a phone, computer, television, and tablet. If you as a parent make certain rules that limit screen time for your children, then you can reduce the risk of obesity.

  • Having nutritious food :

You need to replace high-calorie foods with nutritious ones. For example, you can include fruits and green vegetables in your child’s diet. Having these in the form of snacks can make them healthy.

Conclusion :

Having healthy foods and promoting physical activities can make your child obesity-free. You can contact Aatrey Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic– Dr. Dattatray Nalage at Hadapsar, Pune.