National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month – MAY

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Teenage pregnancy is a severe problem in society as it can lead to complications in the woman’s body. A girl between the ages of 15-19 conceiving a child is called teenage pregnancy. Compared to most other countries, India has the highest adolescent pregnancies since most of the girls are married off at a very young age.

 What is the Cause of Teenage Pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancies can occur due to several reasons. These are-:

  • The lack of proper sex education amongst youngsters.
  • The absence of a strong parental figure and adequate guidance.
  • Marrying them off at an early age.
  • The most important factor is peer pressure.

 Is Teenage Pregnancy Harmful?

Teenage pregnancy can bring with it many disadvantages. An adolescent mother faces several problems, like-:

  • One of the significant problems that teenage mothers face is depression. It can give rise to other mental health issues like anxiety and panic attacks.
  • A teenage body is not meant to deal with pregnancy. In many cases, miscarriages are very common, leading to mental health problems in the mother.
  • The life of the teenage mom is also at risk. Since the body is not strong enough to deal with pregnancy, life-threatening complications occur.
  • Dreams and aspirations are put to a halt. After all, managing a baby is not easy, and teenage moms might have to drop out of school/college to look after them.
  • Financial crunch is a big problem. A teenager is not qualified enough to acquire high-paying jobs, which can hamper the baby’s future.

 How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy?

Keeping in mind the harmful side effects of being a teenage mother, the month of May is celebrated as the National Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month. This campaign focuses on-:

  • Spreading awareness about the disadvantages associated with teenage pregnancy.
  • To provide teenagers, especially girls, with a thorough understanding of the various sexual organs of both males and females.
  • They discourage teenagers from indulging in intercourse at very young ages as getting pregnant is higher.
  • They promote the use of contraceptives to reduce pregnancies amongst teens.

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