Treat your skin problems naturally by Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment in Hadapsar

Everyone wants to have rejuvenating skin and to get we follow various skincare treatments. But, Ayurveda, one of India’s most eminent healing treatments, offers excellent skincare treatments for all. Panchakarma is part of this Ayurvedic treatment, and the therapies include the best rejuvenating treatment that helps you keep your skin free from blemishes.

 What is Panchakarma? 

Panchakarma therapy includes five treatments, and the application of this therapy helps individuals get rid of toxic materials from their bodies. Persons who are suffering from malnutrition can get affected with skin problems.

 How is Panchakarma beneficial for the skin?

Suffering from different skin diseases is not uncommon in recent days. But, Panchakarma contains all goodness to heal acute skin problems. So, lets’ know the benefits of Panchakarma in healing skin problems.


Eczema can be chronic, and you will feel unnecessary skin irritation, swelling on your face. Panchakarma seems to be the best healing therapy that affects immensely in reducing eczema. It helps to remove toxins from the skin and detoxifies it. It works great in skin cleansing.


Many suffer from Psoriasis, and Panchakarma offers the best treatment for this skin problem. Panchakarma emphasizes blood decontamination, and this helps to heal the problems of Psoriasis. The treatment helps in strengthening the tissues using different beneficial herbs. Panchakarma works excellent to rejuvenate the skin. This therapy treats the vulgarities of acne and Psoriasis.

 Treatment for Vitiligo

It develops due to the pigmentation disorder and effects on our hands, back, neck and wrist areas. The cause of this disease occurs due to the auto-immunological system in our body. Panchakarma uses its therapies to balance the immune system of our body and helps treat Vitiligo.

 Skin Fat reduction:

Panchakarma works great in skin fat removal. Here herbal bath is followed to reduce mental and physical stress. The treatment rejuvenates the skin and keeps it healthy.

If you want to glow your skin by Ayurved and Panchakarma, must consult today with Dr. Swati Nalage and Dr. Dattatraya Nalage at  Aatreya Ayurved & Panchakarma Clinic in Hadapsar, Pune.